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"Terry - whose left side was paralysed - has had to work hard and he's doing well.

It's still a lot of effort for him, but he'll be on tour playing guitar. I've gotten a lot braver with my writing." The Open Door is indeed ambitious.

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Lee's nasty break-up with Seether frontman Shaun Morgan is chronicled in Call Me When You're Sober, which concludes with a devious-sounding giggle: the proverbial last laugh.

Another track, Snow White Queen, a song about a stalker, was inspired by a string of nightmarish encounters with a sinister fan.

He has also co-written Daughtry's last single off his "Daughtry" album, What About Now, along with Ben Moody and David Hodges."And by the end of this album I did it." Not that The Open Door, released last week (and now at the No. Evanescence's melodramatic sludge has survived the singer's emotional convalescence intact; if anything, the band's symphonic metal tunes and dark-hearted lyrics are gloomier than ever.Which is why - as any songwriter worth her catharsis will attest - Lee sounds downright chipper on the phone from New York, where she relocated last year after several years in Los Angeles."I had so much I needed to get off my chest," she says. It felt so good." To her credit, the 24-year-old singer, pianist and songwriter points out that the challenges she's faced in recent years are no greater than anyone else's.

It's just that Lee's trials and tribulations have been sensationalised in the media and her healing process includes a collection of songs that will be heard by millions.

Since then, Fallen - Evanescence's well-titled debut - has sold 14 million copies worldwide.