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Ru ware was made with the northern China high alumina and low iron clay and slightly under-fired (1200 to 1250 degree centigrade) .

They are typically thin and covered with lime glaze.

The vessel is supported by fine spurs and this left the fully glazed base with a ring of 3 or five sesame seed shaped ash gray mark.Our knowledge about ru wares was essentially gathered from excerpts of some writings by the ancient scholars.According to Lu You, who lived during the late Northern to Early Southern Song period, in his writing "Lao Xue An bi ji") built its own kiln which was called guanyao ,ie guan (official) kiln.Others think it is not referring to Kaifeng but simply meant the imperial court. Two issues are therefore involved: the location and the nature of the guan ware.

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If an imperial kiln was at Kaifeng, it is unlikely to be located as numerous floods caused by the Yellow river has buried the ancient site.The word "jing shi" is ambiguous and can be interpreted differently.Some interpret it as reference to the capital Kaifeng or Bianjing and hence the guan kiln was located there.If it is not kaifeng, is the location in Ruzhou where ru wares were made?