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After the fall of Yan, during the later Han and Tang dynasties, the Beijing-area was a major prefecture of northern China.

In 938, Beijing was conquered by the Khitans and declared the capital of the Liao Dynasty. From 1264 Beijing served as the capital of a united China under Kublai Khan.

The city is well known for its flatness and regular construction.

The former Xuanwu District now forms the southern third of Xicheng.

During this period, the walled city was enlarged and many palaces and temples were built.

Jun 8, 2018. Having lived in the country and traveled extensively for six years, I'm here to help. Backpacking China 7 Day Itinerary #1 Beijing to Chengdu. While far less common, you'll definitely see foreign girls dating Chinese men.… continue reading »

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In the chaotic first years of Republican China, Beijing was beset by fighting warlords. It may be a good authentic taste of how less wealthy Chinese people travel. The unrestored Jiankou section is dangerous and widely regarded as the most. They date back to when Beijing was the capital of the Yuan dynasty.… continue reading »

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