Believers of buddhism and iran dating

01-Mar-2017 17:50

Apart from the Achaemenian inscriptions, there is no secure evidence that religious compositions were reduced to writing until the late Arsacid or early Sāsānian periods.Thus, unlike the other religions of the Middle East, the Iranian religions had no written texts in the ancient period.

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Society generally was patriarchal, and male dominance was strongly reflected in the religion.

Matters are quite otherwise in the case of the Avesta, which is the principal source of knowledge of ancient Iranian religions.

The Muslim conquerors of eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and Transoxania in the. date, however, the word bot came to mean not only an image of the Buddha. in Iran, Buddhists benefited from the il-khans' favor, along with Christians and Jews.… continue reading »

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One of these monks was Gautama or Buddha whose real name was Sidarta. It didn't take a long time for the followers of Buddhism to spread all over India.… continue reading »

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