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Barbara tearfully left Tom at the altar and ran off to the Caribbean with James and they made plans to marry.The Stenbeck fortune first became a problem for the couple when Charles Ivenstrom, whose daughter was pregnant by James' brother, tried to kill them so that his grandchild-to-be, rather than Paul, would inherit the money.

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The visions consisted of a woman who looked just like her, named Bianca, who resided in Paris with her husband Jason (who looked remarkably like James).

Barbara was very happy for her mother and liked having Bob for a stepfather.

Though Barbara was a fairly uncomplicated teenager, her adult life is another story.

The mysterious blonde Englishman challenged Jason to a dual (with Jason getting the upper hand, at first).

In the summer of 1982, Bianca (Barbara's doppelganger) learned this mysterious blonde Englishman's name, Geoffrey.

Whenever she wore the blue dress, Barbara felt loved.