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25-Aug-2017 08:47

It’s easy, it’s pit latrine-friendly, it doesn’t take up space in my luggage.

If you’re looking for feminine products in a larger city or town, you’ll likely find at least a few choices in any of the larger supermarkets.

Much of Cameroon is also quite conservative where relationships are concerned.

Dowry ceremonies exist here, and the level of importance and seriousness attached to that tradition will vary family to family.

In smaller towns, beauty boutiques should carry them.

Personally, I just bring a Diva Cup and can’t recommend it (or another menstrual cup) enough if you’re traveling in sub-Saharan Africa.Dating Locals Gretchen says: The most important thing to remember if you’re thinking of dating or hooking up with a local in Cameroon is that sex education in this country is, in a word, lacking.Especially for women, there is a great deal of shame and embarrassment associated with hormones and sexuality; the mindset surrounding general sexuality can be described as repressive on a good day. 96Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

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Feminine Hygienic Products Gretchen says: Tampons are extremely hard to find, especially outside of large cities, so you’d do well to bring them with you.

They should be able to direct travelers to vetted medical professionals, and if they can’t, don’t be afraid to push them for information on which gynecologist their employees see.