Christian dating bubble

27-Apr-2017 08:14

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From to the Jewish dating site, J-Date, nearly all religious traditions have online dating sites marketed specifically to them.Sites for evangelical Protestants offer perhaps the greatest market for growth.

The earliest matchmaking bureaus advertised their services in newspaper personals sections.

There is also a sense of novelty in going national with a faith-based dating marketing campaign.

That sense of novelty pervaded the responses to Charles Savidge’s bureau as well, but there are key differences between the two.

One need only browse through the site’s endorsement section to see its audience: its proponents include Southern Baptist pastors, Concerned Women for America, and individuals connected to the evangelical mega-churches Willow Creek and Saddleback Church.

Christian Mingle has gained prominence by saturating television airwaves with testimonials promising to help “find God’s match for you.” Its ubiquitous presence on television makes the brand an easy punch line.And most Americans simply did not need additional matchmaking help—friends and family played the part just fine.With many romantic relationships in the early twentieth century occurring under the watchful eye of family members, friends, and church leaders, marriages tended to be religiously and racially homogenous.Savidge’s enterprise, existing at a time of white, Protestant hegemony, was an interesting historical footnote without much of a lasting impact.