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Season 2, Episode 2September 30, 2002After a deceased woman is identified as the wife of a man (Shashawnee Hall) watched by Federal agents, a hostage situation develops and Jordan races to prevent a bombing. Season 2, Episode 3October 7, 2002While Jordan investigates a death that seemingly was caused by a heart attack, Macy tries to recall an autopsy he performed three years earlier. Season 2, Episode 1September 23, 2002An expanded episode finds Jordan in Los Angeles on the trail of murderer Herman Redding (Jack Laufer), who previously tricked her into helping him gain a release from a mental-health facility. Lorraine Toussaint joins the series as coroner Elaine Deschamps. Please feel free to comment with what fandom you see, as I am always curious what options people come up with.Chapter One includes Hunger Games, and 2 Pick a Fandom When Gibbs is injured and forced to retire Tony does what he always does, he follows his boss to cover his six.A collection of 100-500 word drabbles based on prompts using lyrics from various songs.This collection will be updated in monthly installments as I finish a month's set of prompts.

Also includes "Pick a Fandom" selections, which are stories that met up with more than one fandom and in the end I couldn't decide which it fit better.

Season 2, Episode 18April 7, 2003Checking into the death of a young woman involved in an explosion causes Jordan and a DA (Susan Gibney) to clash; a Tibetan monk claims a body.

Season 2, Episode 19April 14, 2003The body of a cellist missing for 13 years is found; a staff member's former wife dies; a hit-and-run victim's widower is attracted to Lily.

Author’s Notes: This story is the result of two distinctly separate events colliding in the mother of all head-on impacts.

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The first was a mystery hunt we did for the third Orlando Bardcon. Season 2, Episode 7November 18, 2002Jordan investigates the killing of the lesbian girlfriend of a radio psychologist (Mariel Hemingway); a leukemia victim's daughter tells Macy that her mother was murdered. Season 2, Episode 8December 2, 2002Jordan accompanies Woody (Jerry O' Connell) to L. to help solve a murder; Macy wonders about an old acquaintance who's looking for his wife; Lily's mother wants to move in with her. The second season ends with Jordan making a grisly discovery linked to her mother's murder and her father's past.

Sep 24, 2001. Everything you need to know about Crossing Jordan. career past who works under the guidance of Dr. Garret Macy Miguel Ferrer, "Traffic". Kathryn Hahn, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!… continue reading »

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