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Unfortunately, King Maha Vajiralongkorn is not popular in Thailand and has a poor reputation for his ‘playboy’ lifestyle.

Many Thais would have preferred the ascension of his sister to the throne as she’s known for her engagement in charitable causes and her help for the poor but palace rules prohibit women from the throne.

This issue could become a significant challenge to the long-term viability of the Thai monarchy.

Internet penetration: 39.3% (July 2015 est.) This was not without a price however, as Thailand was not only compelled to give away large areas of land to the French and English but was also forced to end its position of neutrality during World War II and side with the Japanese – or face being taken over.

The national anthem is played twice a day on television and radio and Thais are expected to stand for its duration to show their respect.

This custom is played out in public as part of the lifting of the flag in public areas such as the work place, schools, universities, prisons, hospitals etc. Population: 68,200,824 (2016 est.) This figure incorporates mortality levels caused by AIDS.

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National anthem: The national anthem of Thailand, entitled ‘Phleng Chat’ (literally translated as ‘national anthem), was adopted shortly after the country changed its name from ‘Siam’.

The Thai language, belonging to the ‘Tai’ family, is the standard spoken language in Thailand and is used for governmental and administrative purposes across the country.