Dating for four months anniversary

16-May-2017 02:54

I promise to be your voice When you can't find the words. I promise to be your dream catcher To chase away your every fear. I promise to always cheer you up When you are down and blue.

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I love you for the part of me that you bring out." — Roy Croft“Here's my love, take it.

It's something that every single person in a relationship has gone through.

The perfect way of saying "I love you" is different for everyone.

Now jot down all your feelings in words and write a sweet quote on a greeting card for your guy on your relationship’s anniversary.

Spend the day tagging him in adorable tweets and pins on Pinterest. And when the time comes, look your gorgeous best when you go out on your anniversary date.

I promise to keep you smiling To show off that beautiful smile you have.