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Highly intelligent people might seem to have it better through life, but this isn’t always the case.There are several difficulties and challenges only they will experience.It works, and it allows me to get massive amounts of content produced every week.The main point about compartmentalization is that no matter what else is going on in your life — you could be going through a difficult time in your relationships, your business could be sinking into bankruptcy or you just had a fight with your colleague; you can shut those things out of your mind and focus totally on the work that needs doing.Additionally, others may resent intelligent people. Anything the intelligent person says sounds pretentious, when really, they’re just stating the facts. Intelligent people feel cursed by their intelligence.They often think about the saying, “ignorance is bliss” and wonder if it would be better if they simply weren’t so smart.Imagine: you’re responsible for making the final call on the direction your company is going to take, but you can’t decide on what the core values should be. There are several instances of intelligent people feeling helplessly trapped by their intelligence.For example, intelligent people don’t typically have trouble understanding anything.

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These things include having a better career, more money and better relationships.If they attempt to teach someone and the person doesn’t understand, they can’t proceed.They find it difficult to empathize and lack desire to help others understand.If anything they do doesn’t contribute to being more successful, they feel like they are doing themselves a disservice. If their life doesn’t take the path they think it deserves, they criticize and attack themselves.

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Intelligent people seek other intelligent people to befriend.

Your mind sees things as separate rooms with closable doors, so you can enter a mental room, close the door and have complete focus on whatever it is you want to focus on. Being able to achieve this state can seriously boost your productivity.

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