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In fact, after the convention, the legislature never discussed enacting a new anti-miscegenation law, and the state omitted the statute from the revised civil code in 1874.

Many Arkansas interracial couples married with impunity throughout the Radical Reconstruction period.

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The post–World War II era found Arkansas laboring to reassert its commitment to maintaining Jim Crow laws—those designed to keep African Americans in subjugation.At least one of the interracial couples that married in 1874, Thomas and Mary Dodson, had their nuptials declared invalid in (1894). The law made such an offense a felony punishable by one month to a year in prison.In theory, the act gave authorities more power to prohibit and punish interracial coupling.At the new constitutional convention required by the federal Reconstruction acts, black delegates led by William Grey of Phillips County, along with their white Republican allies, defeated a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would have prohibited marriage between black and white citizens.

The failure of the delegates to attach an anti-marriage clause to the new state constitution signaled that the effort to prevent interracial marriage would have little support in a Republican-controlled state.

Anti-miscegenation laws were edicts that made it unlawful for African Americans and white people to marry or engage each other in intimate relationships.

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