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24-Feb-2017 02:01

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My recommendation - family tree - the name could be by marriage only and if not - then blood test!

I'm not seeing dating any relative - no matter how far removed they are as a good thing? PPI was wondering, because I know that we frown upon in-breeding in society (no kidding YUK). In addition to these some 3, 4th, and 5th cousins marry today!

However there should be less likelihood of that because they would share the same family values. Think I found out in my late 20's after accidentally making a joke about inbreeding to my grandmother.

Any offspring might have a rough time at school though. This is why I found a gal from the city instead of my local area. He discovers that all the girls he'd gone out with were his cousins. My mother's family has been in this area since 1870 and my father's since 1949. She was somewhat miffed and said it used to be quite common especially in small communities and that it was just the way things were done. I won't mention the name,but one of their rules is that no one can marry outside of the religion.

From a purely 'numbers' POV, the increased risk for first cousins v no cousins is 1-2%.

After that it starts to get statistically insignificant really quickly.*One study says 3-4% and 4-7%. I think that it would be tough to have family gatherings, in that situation.

A few weeks ago they had a report in the news that 'they' now are thinking it is not bad for some first cousins to breed. As far as selective breeding goes on the east coast, the traits developed runs towards humour. Yet I still haven't heard anyone express a negative opinion of that "inbred" Albert Einstein who married his first cousin and was the offspring of two first cousins.

Supposively they can do a genetic makeup and tell you if the pairing is ok. I met a guy eons ago that was related to me somehow from about 150 years ago. In the southern states, an appreciation for barbeque. So I'm curious, and would like to run a little "test": I believe the difference is simply one of standards handed down from generation to generation. Those with pedigrees may breed one another and it is called line breeding, maintaining a bloodline.

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Woahhhh, and what if it's a bad break-up and you run into him at a family gathering??? Hell, never mind second, third or fourth cousins...............first cousins are not only fair game, they're considered "prime breedin' material"! We use the term for dogs, cats, livestock, and royalty, as in royal breed of fine breeding.

Albert Einstein (and his parents) , Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria, and Sir John A. The offspring of first cousins have double the risk of birth defects. Well, the actual % risk is 2-3% for 'no cousin' offspring and 4-6% for 'first cousin' offspring*.