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17-Jun-2017 04:14

Dendrochronological analysis has been used to date the wood, and suggests that the support was first used between 15, whilst the portrait of Walsingham is dated to the mid-1580s Thomas Sackville was a poet, playwright and statesman, and the owner of Knole house in Kent.He was made Lord Treasurer in 1599 and Lord High Steward in 1601; the rod of office that he holds in this portrait probably refers to his appointment as Steward. This analytical technique is capable of recording a wider range of wavelengths than infrared photography.

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The figure of Christ at the column stands out particularly clearly in the x-ray because the paint mixture in these areas contains a higher proportion of lead white.Sir Francis Walsingham established and ran the Elizabethan secret service and his spies operated mainly against Roman Catholic conspirators.This portrait is a reversed version of the only known portrait type of Walsingham, which is associated with the artist John de Critz the Elder, who received extensive patronage from Walsingham in the 1580s.It is absorbed by carbon black, and as a result the images can reveal evidence of preparatory drawings made by the artist using a carbon medium, such as charcoal.

In the portrait of Sir Francis Walsingham the preparatory drawing that marks out the features of the face is clearly evident in the infrared photograph, and the confidence and placement of the marks indicates that a pattern has been used.

There are also suggestions of an underlying composition evident in the face.

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This series drawings are made on the pages of an old cash book from East Rand Proprietary Mines from 1906 with a few from other mine ledgers, in which the text under the drawings, either covered or glimpsed, is an important part of the history of the drawing.… continue reading »

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