Dating service for mentally challenged

18-May-2017 23:34

In my twenties, I believed that “getting your life in order” meant getting a master’s degree. Tell her that at least she has friends and family who love her!

Most recently, I went back to school for my Administrator Credential. Friends, marriage is a gift, and it is not a gift that I can hope to earn, nor one that I am owed. Friendship love must be able to take the place of marriage love, right?

Philippians 4:7 states, “” Jesus is the guardian of my heart; He gives me peace that I do not understand. As I date someone, I earnestly pray, “God, if this is not the relationship you have for me, open my eyes. Intercede and fight for me.” He does and sometimes I fight back, trying to hold onto something that isn’t right (more about that in point 7). Also, if you know singles who are compatible (meaning they both currently walk with the Lord, are in the same age range, have similar lifestyles, and desire to be married), play matchmaker! Always check with both individuals, though, before proceeding and certainly pray about it. I shared how God brought me back to Santa Maria and how the attitude of my heart was challenged as He was guiding me home.

Finding myself back in Santa Maria meant something of an identity crisis that I inadvertently placed on myself.

Point number four is the most dangerous for people like me.

“Get your life in order” has the potential to morph into works-righteousness, the belief that one can earn God’s favor or blessings.

We have a great time together, canhave conversations, etc. I'm not saying she's got to have a Ph D, but know how to handle yourself in the world and in public. not every body has autocorect on there smart phones or divises i would ossume there just bad at speling.

I just feel like she has no desire to intellectually improve herself, and I don’t go a day without learning something new or figuring something out… actually I always thought autocorrect was only useful at replacing properly spelled words with completely different words that make no sense.

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Aaron’s sermon on singleness is an excellent platform to discuss how God has accomplished this mighty task of restoring my identity and equipping me to live as a counter-cultural single. In my own words, be willing to accept the gifts that God has given or will give.In my opinion, share your thoughts whether they agree or understand. no one gives a shit what you think, just be fortunate you have someone who is willing to listen. Thanks guys, I don’t want to make this seem like an ever present issue or one that is catastrophic, but it seems to sit a little below the surface and rears itself from time to time…I have friends who are brilliant and I have friends who are dumb as a bag of rocks (think: you guys). 1St Gen CL – totally agree the age thing has something to do with it.A girl I know would often talk about her dating adventures (before settling down). She thought everything was cool, until they started texting each other.

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