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12-Apr-2017 22:35

We are being called upon to be increasingly proactive, instead of reactive, to the quickly changing global landscape that encompasses everything from extreme weather patterns to massive job losses, and lifestyle shifts.

This will require a new way of thinking and being within ourselves, and with each other that will manifest cooperative engagements and partnerships, inspired by a higher cosmic mind.

Our present collective actions can shape a hopeful, positive future that speaks to our innate creativity to continuously change for the better.

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The positive, sustaining powers of “active love” can provide happiness at any and all times should we choose to accept it. We need to recognize the great Joy of being part of an Infinite Creation and achieve Happiness now!JJ and Desiree Hurtak discuss how through daily meditations, studies, and prayers we deepen our spiritual lives that help us to flourish as loving expressions of this unified field.Although this program was pre-taped, we find it important that this is taking place at a time when Prayers for Peace are most needed. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, discuss the evolution of the soul, and the various levels of ascension that it undertakes to move to higher states of consciousness and awareness.Individually, and collectively, humanity experiences various levels of ascension based on each entity’s respective stage of development.

In their latest book, Overself Awakening: A Guide For The Schoolhouse Of The Soul, they share profound Divine Names in their original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, which are found in sacred Biblical wisdom.On olemassa useita datingsite, maksu uusitaan automaattisesti, joten voit arvioida, jos sivusto voi antaa luottokortin tietoja tuntemattomien miesten ja naisten Christian Online Dating Varsinais Suomi avioliitto ja valmis aloittamista päivämäärä. Niinpä ihmiset miten on hyvä maine ja tunnettu yksi liikaa. Selaa Kilpailu Ei, se ei ole huolissasi vahingoittaa taloutta.Jos ei, niin sinun päätyä menettää ystävä tai saatat löytää vain ensimmäinen päivämäärän.Those who have entered the interior chambers of the pyramids know that they are pitch dark, and how the ancients were able to see within them have been an historic mystery.

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