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24-Feb-2017 02:55

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My Asian Family Conflict Over My AMBW Relationship By “Long Nguyen”First off, let me start with a disclaimer.

However, I was still vastly unsuccessful with dating.The consolation prize would be non-Vietnamese Asian women.Even though they wouldn’t share the exact same language and culture, my parents felt like their cultural values and sensibilities would be close enough for them to feel somewhat comfortable with.This can lead to a lot of painful silences on dates. On our first date we were supposed to do the dinner and a movie thing, only we never got past dinner.

We sat in that restaurant and talked for more than 4 hours.

I never really brought up my attraction to non-Asian women growing up because I assumed it would not be THAT much of an issue.

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Vietnamese men value chivalry and would never dream of splitting the bill, much less asking their date to foot the bill. If you're dating a Vietnamese guy, you can.… continue reading »

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