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31-Jan-2017 14:56

I soon started speaking to a black woman who told me that she was a regular. How could she find it enjoyable to refer to people as slaves and whip them?Did she not find that it was all a bit uncomfortable?They would sidle up to women and receive orders to take off their shoes and massage their feet.There was one man that approached me that looked a lot like Eric Pickles, which made the desire to kick him in the face overwhelming.One shot me a look that said he didn’t appreciate it but as they weren‘t allowed to talk I could not verify this.There was also the crawling cage where men had to crawl on all fours.I saw many online discussions around what could be possibly going on and I was particularly drawn to those that mentioned gender equality.

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In my experience I have found that there are two subjects that seem to make people lose their minds like no others when discussed, these are: sex lives and race.I asked if they weren’t afraid of being hurt but was reassured that these men (referred to as slaves) enjoyed it.Most of the women took their shoes off and stood on the men whose tongues darted in and out as feet went across their faces. Fill in your profile and start dating Women and Men in the lifestyle.

The sight of a grown man on all fours being dragged around on a leash by a woman in broad daylight in Farringdon last week certainly raised some eyebrows. Actress Eden Avital Alexander, the woman who dragged the suited man around, filled us in when she said it was all part of an acting project that concentrated on audience reactions.They were secretly filming the reactions of passersby, the best to be edited into a three-minute montage.Eden believes some very important issues were raised and the director certainly got us all talking. If you love Femdom or are just taking an interest in it, you should start by joining Femdom Dating.

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