Durka game updating tool

17-May-2017 02:28

– Spectating — Fixed not being able to toggle the spectator player panel’s visibility by pressing the key bound to “drop” (G by default).— Fixed a case where kills reported in the spectator panels could be wrong.– End of match scoreboard now has Wingman skill group models in personal skill group display – Dead players are more distinct from living ones on the scoreboard.– Scoreboard now has per-player voice volume control.— Fixed the kill panel string when a player is killed by fire. – Matchmaking — Wingman can now be remembered as the last played game mode for the next time a user plays online.

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– Fixed friendly decoys showing up on the radar with an odd color and a random number/letter.20 - (this is an optional client update for [PANORAMA] – HUD — Added a red glow behind the progress bar and health numbers when health is critical.— Fixed armor progress bar to no longer flash when you lose health.— Health over three digits will now scale down to fit appropriately and no longer clip.