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24-Jul-2017 04:50

The tropical Andes are undergoing climate changes that rival those occurring anywhere else on the planet, and are likely to have profound consequences for ecosystems.

Paleolimnological investigations of remote mountain lakes can provide details of past environmental change, especially where monitoring data are absent.

The diatoms are likely responding primarily to temperature-related limnological changes, recording an increase in the number of planktonic taxa in the most recent sediments.

This change is consistent with warmer conditions that result in enhanced periods of thermal stratification, allowing planktonic species to proliferate.

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Often the response to temperature is indirect and caused by fundamental changes to limnological variables such as thermal stability and stratification, habitat alteration, and the availability of light and nutrient resources (Rühland et al., 2015).

Comparisons among studies from different regions is critical for the careful assessment of spatial and temporal variability of climate change in the Andes, especially when considering the complex topography of the region.