First date from an online dating site

26-Jun-2017 06:43

I've had multiple instances where after the date, some friend asked me "So where does she study? The most important thing for almost any girl is how a guy can make her feel, so just propose a walk in the park, on a beach or through the woods, or whatever with her by saying that you're tired of going to cafes on dates and so on and you'd rather go for a walk instead, then just go and have a fun time together.

If she has a wonderful time with you when on a walk, she won't care what you have or don't have and a second date will be pretty much guaranteed.

Also, try not to make the date sound like an interview! So don't overthink things - focus on having a good time together, the rest will sort itself out when you both like each other.

I realize my date may have not felt the same way about it, but I would at least wait a day or two then tell the other person that we had a great time but I’m still talking to other people.