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Related to this was the replacement of the crooked navigation bar with the animation files with a simpler, spiky navigation bar.Meanwhile, the content of the Freaky Fab 13 website was integrated in the Monster High website and engaged content was boosted with the introduction of the Gore-ientation section, which was added in the spirit of the 2013-launched We Are Monster High promotion.All of these were accessible through the crooked navigation bar, from which four character animation files at a time of the seven primary characters popped up.These files could be clicked to get to the respective characters' profiles.For instance, Decorate Your Monster High Locker requires the player to input codes that have to be taken from merchandise purchases.The other two are themed to insert the player into the Monster High universe by creating respectively a student ID and a class take care of all your abatement needs including asbestos and Vermiculite removal.We are certified and licensed with the Ministry of...

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A third section, Students, was removed because the content was redistributed over the entire website in the form of an ever-present cast scrollable cast list.

The spiky navigation bar was replaced with a plain rectangular one, the main page slider enlarged to 50% of the content screen, and most links were made more simplistic and to the point.

The main change with this update was the removal of the cast slider and the return of the Students section as the Characters section.

One consistent downside throughout the series of big and small updates is that most adjustments of the navigation bar led to some pages becoming unmentioned.

These pages could then either only be found through other pages, through the slider if the announcement related to the page, or were left only accessible if one new the address.There'll have been little prompting to do so, because in 2011 the website was declared the winner of the Best Toy & Hobby Rich Media Online Ad portion of the Internet Advertising Competition.On October 23, 2013, the website received a radical update that rebalanced the available passive and engaged content as well as changed systems that were no longer functioning.Explore Monster High and Books are examples of sections which have become left out as a result.