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13-Mar-2017 16:22

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I was also doing some nutrition and diet posts, but I felt very limited by not having anyone to help me.

We were both feeling overwhelmed by the change, because we were used to working together and we were very good at working together.

I felt like I was being controlled again and threatened on top of that. He told me to lawyer up and the last email I got from him stated exactly this: “I want you to sell the company car that your mom is using.

Aww, isn’t it horrible that your mom that has nothing won’t even have the car?

I knew that I would not be able to look into my children’s eyes and tell them that their dad is the love of my life.

I decided that the best thing for both of us would be to separate as a couple and remain best friends and business partners.

Freddy and I were in touch every day and talked about Body Rock.

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In December 2011, Freddy’s attitude towards me changed completely.

I was not happy about the creative direction of our videos and the way I was being portrait and perceived.

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