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Good teachers understand that specificity is important but that real knowledge demands that we know the gestalt as best we are able, that we can relate discipline to discipline, to see how they enhance and influence each other, because they always do. He told me I would not believe it, but he was on his way to a class where the pro- fessor would be going over examination results. Your correspon- dent did not receive postcards from Kathie Doran Hegenbart and family, who spent Christ- mas in Italy, Anne Caswell Prior and family, who spent Christmas in a warm place, nor from Adrienne Tarr Free and Bill, who were in FL for a few days in Feb. Please, someone send a photo of James taking the photo!

Another, often overlooked, hallmark of teaching artistry is the use of examination results to improve performance and build confidence — when it's all too easy to simply return papers and move on. I do not recall our exact words, but I remember his saying that no student was ever embarrassed in the process, that the professor seemed to believe that behind every wrong answer was a reason that deserved considerate discussion.

One theory holds that he was forced into the activity by his wife, Xanthippe, because he would not charge any fee for his teaching. Bob and wife Laurie, a graphic designer, have lived in Orlando for seven years. Bill Cook, a resident of Duxbury, has been named New Eng.

Whatever the motiva- tion, one would like to think that Socrates found in this rigorous physical work some pleasure as well as understanding that made him a better teacher.

The teacher explained to me that only one mistake had been made, although it was repeated several times.

She believed that with a little extra help, which she was willing to give, the prob- lem would be remedied. Because of my interest in examinations and their uses, I conducted a study in Chicago some years ago to see how examina- tion results were used to diagnose learning and teaching problems, and to see how test 34 BOSTON COLLEGE MAGAZINE results were related to student achievement. Marianne Brachen O'Neil, Simsbury, CT, was promoted to staff mgr.

T eacher-artists enjoy the process of teaching, the give and take, the listening as well as the talking.

Their teaching is a natural extension of themselves.

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A teacher-artist must, therefore, belong to the worlds of students and faculty, must be willing to see, comprehend and respect the student view. Ed Tul- iski has been promoted to VP at Harper Sur- face Finishing Sys., Inc., in CT. effort for all the co.'s prod- uct lines and will generate new product dev. Last summer Paul Mclssac married Lynn Holton in his home town of Plymouth, where the couple now reside.

Good teachers are careful to relate subject matter to ideas familiar to the learner. Greg lives in Manchester, CT, with wife Jay and sons Jason, 12, and Gregory, 10 mos... nuptials of Margaret Sandwell and Stephen Hoff in W. Margaret is an under- writer for the Hartford Insur. The Hoffs live in Darien, CT, where Ste- phen is a self employed fin.

Students from other countries, for example, often grasp a concept when it is put in the context of their own traditions and culture. chief of the CT State Lottery and has been awarded the "Ho- mer Babbidge Fellowship" by the Hartford Grad. Bill Finucane has joined the Winchester Star as exec, editor.

Students taught by these teachers showed higher rates of achievement than did the pupils of those who used test results for measurement only.

Justice and fairness are essential elements in the evaluation process.

Recently, shortly after a mid-term examination period, I met a graduate student advisee of mine in the hallway. I remember another conversation I had with a high school math teacher. Marianne is working on an RPI MBA at the Hartford Grad. She, John and children Ka- tie, 16, Amy, 14, and John, 11, spent Feb.