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26-Jan-2017 07:08

For those who dismiss dating technology like Tinder as solely designed for meaningless "hookups" based on nothing more than physical appearance, recent research suggests that Tinder skeptics are simply old-fashioned.

A Northwestern University professor of psychology recently argued in reported this year that online daters are more likely to be actively seeking a committed relationship. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor at, said, "Online daters are serious about finding love.

Gholston said that to test a date's sense of adventure, he asks her to go indoor rock climbing.

"It's not a common activity (in my circle, at least), yet fairly inexpensive.

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In the 2015 edition of the study, 51 percent of single women said they don't care if a man makes as much money as they do, but 63 percent of single women would not date someone who has considerable debt. "Dating on a budget takes a little bit of creativity, but certainly it can be done.It all added up to about billion a year anyway.But some good news for guys: The 2014 survey also revealed that a majority of women (58 percent) don't want an expensive date and realize that you don't have to spend a ton of money to be a good first date.Owners of bars where drunk young singles congregate may have suffered in the online dating economy, but in a broader sense, the ubiquity of online dating should be great for restaurants and other establishments where singles fumble their way through awkward first-date conversations.

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