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Thats why he came forward and took her side when that blogger blames bong sun and he was trying to convince her to be strong.I think they had a special bond between them due to the fact that both of them grew up so alone with hardships and she reminds him his old self and he did not want her to become like him.It happened in that way because chef was kind of already fond of her.Its true that sometimes chef was attracted to the brightness and charms of soon ae but i think its merely a attraction rather a true bond.

i mean look at the circumstance of relation, one is ignorant than he is loving two different women, one is spending her time with her loved one but doesnt really 'experience', one ended up loving him for real while knowing she cant be with him, i think thats really sad and cruel also i pretty much agree with what @Kairan wrote, also i think fact that bong sun is actually 'sunshine' help him realize his feeling too Everyone else is saying that chef was attracted to na bong sun because soon ae posessed her and after bong sun revealed the truth, chef suddenly became fond of real bong sun instead of ghost. I think even before she was posessed chef was worried and cared about her without realizing that he actually likes her.I'm from the UK and I am enjoying watching a lot of these KDramas, I find the humour very much like our own This drama was half good, half terribly awful.The parts between the ghost, Bong Sun, and the chef were fine.when soon ae was so provocative it was really annoyed the chef too.

And the outer appearance also has to do something here.

So in the end I belive that na bong sun is the one chef actually loved not the soon ae despite he briefly attracted to her charms.

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