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22-Mar-2017 12:11

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the company acquires other companies as a means of gaining access to excellent talent and forward thinkers.Instagram appears to be the only company Facebook left alone and whole after the acquisition.My name is Alex, this story is about me and my mom, and how it got this way.This started around the end of summer vacation when I was, I’ll just leave my age out of this in case someone figures out who we are.

Normally, this would be a big family affair with my parents, older brother and three younger sisters, but circumstances have come up beyond anyone's control.

I looked out of the main window and could see Twister, my across street neighbor's Great Dane.

He was a wonderful sweet dog, although his huge size was impressive.

A million thanks to God and my Hubby to bless me with this gift! As you all know, how relatives crowd at your place when a c***d is born. A load of relatives visi… Read more My story begins right after my sister was rewarded a scholarship to go abroad and study under a famous Master Chef.

I know you are all here for the sex story but you can understand I want to scream this happiness of mine to everyone I could reach. She was having second thoughts about accepting it because she couldn't afford to have her Bullmastiff Bigboy boarded.

Originally she also had a little more in the hips and tummy but less than most women her age with really big breasts. When I was younger my dad wasn't so… Read more There was a gentle knock on the door, at the same instant that Whats App delivered the message ‘can I use your shower, mine is not working’.