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09-Aug-2017 21:02

The focus is retrospective and includes repairing damage from previous experiences.

Identifying and treating disorders and pathologies and alleviating symptoms through behavioral, cognitive or analytic interventions is the scope of therapy.

In the last few years, coaching became pervasive in our society.

Originally, used in sports and organizations, coaching is no longer confined to Olympic athletes or top executives of big organizations.

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Coaching is a booming industry and has applications across many domains, including business, relationships, health, finding purpose, and more.However, what’s even more surprising than their marked differences is how powerful positive psychology and life coaching are when used in harmony.In order to truly understand how these 2 compare, let’s start by gaining a better understanding of what they really entail.Studies show that coaching: It is worth noting that life coaching is a highly unregulated industry and there is no standard format for coaching.

Therefore, there are different schools of practice and everyone has a unique coaching style, so I will just be describing life coaching at a high level.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out.

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