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The paper supports the belief that social divisions based on ethnicity must be included as part of the explanation for decolonization and independence.O artigo apresenta o enquadramento institucional e a filosofia governamental sobre a igualdade e a ausência de preconceito em todos os territórios sob soberania portuguesa, e testa para as décadas de 1940 e 1950 se as variáveis casamento e raça eram independentes, usando dados estatísticos dos anuários das colónias.Whatever might be their birth, their geographical origin, or the color of their skin, they were all equal.As Cunha (1964) puts it: “So, from the beginning we considered Africans as our equals, in this way eliminating all racial discrimination”.

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Its domains and sovereignty spread over a vast range of territory and were distributed across all the continents of the planet. Official speeches usually presented Portugal as an honorable nation that had set sail from Portuguese coasts to discover the whole world.The paper presents both the institutional background and the government philosophy regarding equality and non-prejudice within all of the territories under Portuguese sovereignty in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as tests carried out to discover if the decision to marry and racial homogamy could be considered independent variables, using annual data from statistical yearbooks relating to the colonies.The conclusions demonstrate the existence of a social prejudice towards inter-racial marriage.This heritage was still present in the Portuguese empire, made up of a mainland territory in Western Europe, four archipelagoes in the Atlantic (the Madeira Islands, Azores, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe), Angola and Mozambique on the African continent, several territories in India, a special pearl close to China, namely Macau, and the territory of East Timor in the Pacific Ocean.

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So, Portuguese territory was comprised of several provinces, beginning in the northern mainland province of Minho (near Spanish Galicia) and reaching all the way to the antipodes, in Timor.

The Portuguese culture was a single culture, it was said.

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