Relationship questions dating couples

30-May-2017 16:01

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Now please do not go out and start asking these questions on the first date.

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” I had warned people not to just randomly ask questions because you do not know what you will get as an answer. What problems do you see in your partner in how they deal with money? What behaviour is appropriate for those who are going to practice sexual abstinence before marriage?

Skip the outdated advice about playing it cool and go ahead and ask these important relationship questions before anything gets too serious. Whether you want kids or not, this is a dealbreaker for many couples.

Otherwise, you’re going into a relationship completely blind. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want what you want, because they’re not likely to change their mind.

Do you think it is important for you to go to church as a family?

What questions do you have about dating do you have after this conversation? How much should the man be involved in raising the children? What questions do you have about children after this conversation? If your past boyfriend or girlfriend listed your negative qualities, what would they say?

Questions you need to ask when your dating relationship starts getting serious. Now not many couples do this ever, whether dating or married, so this is.… continue reading »

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