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" _ & vb Cr Lf & "Width greater than:", _ "Resize Sheet Comments", 1) If l Min Width = 0 Then Msg Box "Width must be 1 or greater" Exit Sub End If l Max Width = Input Box("What should be the new comment width? Display Comment Indicator _ = xl Comment Indicator Only Set rng = Active Window.

Version) Case Is 14 str Add = " " Case Else str Add = "" End Select Set my Rng = Intersect(Selection, _ Active Sheet. Add If Not ws Temp Is Nothing Then l Min Width = _ Input Box("Which comments should be resized? Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) ' rng As Range Dim c Top As Long Dim c Width As Long Dim cmt As Comment Dim sh As Shape Application.

Bold = True End With End If Send Keys " " 'opens comment for editing 'Send Keys "%ie~" 'works with Excel 2003 menu End Sub Sub Comment Date Time Add() 'adds comments with date and time, ' positions cursor at end of comment text ' str Date As String Dim cmt As Comment str Date = "dd-mmm-yy hh:mm:ss" Set cmt = Active Cell.

Bold = False End With 'opens comment for editing Send Keys " " End Sub Sub Comments_Auto Size() 'posted by Dana De Louis 2000-09-16 Dim My Comments As Comment Dim l Area As Long For Each My Comments In Active Sheet.

User Name = str New For Each ws In Active Workbook. Comments str Comment = Replace(cmt.text, str Old, str New) cmt. However, this macro also copies the old comment formatting.

Use this if you want to copy pictures, or other formatting, from the original comments. Paste Special xl Paste Comments Set cmt New = rng Temp New.

Color Index = 0 End With End If Send Keys " " End Sub Sub Comment Text Format Colour() 'adds comment then formats font colour and adds bold ' cmt As Comment Dim str1 As String Dim str2 As String Dim l Break As Long Dim l Num1 As Long Dim l Num2 As Long Dim l Num Len As Long Dim str Find As String On Error Resume Next str1 = "John: 20 Eggs" str2 = "Simon: 50 Eggs" str Find = ":" l Num Len = 3 Set cmt = Active Cell. Add Comment _ text:=str1 & Chr(10) & str2 Set cmt = Active Cell.

Screen Updating = False Set ws = Active Sheet Set ws Temp = Sheets. Display Comment Indicator = l Cmt Show Application. Comment End If 'find the line break and markers l Break = In Str(1, cmt.text, Chr(10)) l Num1 = In Str(1, cmt.text, str Find) 1 l Num2 = In Str(l Break, cmt.text, str Find) 1 'format the lines of text With cmt. ", _ "Resize Sheet Comments", 1#) If dbl Mult H = 0 Then Exit Sub End If '.

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", _ "Resize Sheet Comments", 300) If l Max Width = 0 Then Msg Box "Width must be 1 or greater" Exit Sub End If dbl Mult H = _ Input Box("What multiplier should be used for Height?

Sub Change Comment Name Keep Picture() 'replaces old names in comments 'deletes and reinserts comments ' so new name appears in status bar 'also copies pictures and other formatting ' ws As Worksheet Dim ws Temp As Worksheet Dim rng Temp Old As Range Dim rng Temp New As Range Dim cmt As Comment Dim str Old As String Dim str New As String Dim str Comment As String str New = "New Name" str Old = "Old Name" Application.