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The show is not a comforting piece about learning by repetition but one about playing within a set of rules.This, of course, corresponds with what the show is actually about.That is, he reverses the letter order of every word he says as well as his sentence structure.In a normal piece of children’s television, this would be presented as, essentially, an in joke for savvy viewers.

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The Adventure Game hinges on the fact that b-list celebrities can and do habitually drop in on strange alien worlds to engage in some puzzle solving.

Using schoolboy science to solve mysteries on an alien planet with defined rules that the audience figures out slightly faster than the characters?

That’s no 80s piece of children’s television, that’s the Hartnell era.

But instead of being presented straightforwardly as a world that the viewing children are invited to understand The Adventure Game presents its world as a puzzle to be continually figured out.

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A prime example is Rongad, a character in the third and fourth series of the show, who speaks backwards.”The easiest way to describe The Adventure Game is that it’s what everybody who foolishly wants the Celestial Toymaker to come back should watch instead.It is, in effect, that story done right and as an ongoing series.The actual content of the show is based on watching the guest stars try to figure out puzzles and maneuver their way through Arg.