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Catfish was also popular among native people, including the Modocs.Crustaceans included shrimp, lobster, crayfish, and dungeness crabs in the Northwest and blue crabs in the East.

Commonly hunted game included deer, bear, buffalo, and wild turkey.

There was a general disdain for French cookery, even with the French Huguenots in South Carolina and French-Canadians.

One of the cookbooks that proliferated in the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (1747) by Hannah Glasse, who referred to "the blind folly of this age that would rather be imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook!

The manner of cooking for the American colonists followed along the line of British cookery up until the Revolution.

The British sentiment followed in the cookbooks brought to the New World as well.

Other shellfish include abalone and geoduck on the West Coast, while on the East Coast the surf clam, quahog, and the soft-shell clam.