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Playboy detective Luke Cavanaugh O’Bannon isn’t excited to be paired with his polar opposite, introverted Francesca “Frankie” De Marco, on a case.But when Frankie’s cousin is found dead of a suspicious drug overdose, she and Luke must work together to pursue a serial killer who’s struck again.Also includes: SPECIAL OPS BODYGUARD by Beth Cornelison COWBOY UNDER SIEGE by Gail Barrett RANCHER UNDER COVER by Carla Cassidy MISSING MOTHER-TO-BE by Elle Kennedy CAPTAIN’S CALL OF DUTY by Cindy Dees THIS MIRACLE’S A MYSTERY When newborn twins mysteriously appear on Cole Mc Cullough’s doorstep, everyone at the Healing Ranch, including Cole, starts to think…could they be his? It’s been ten years since Dan left Rust Creek Falls with Anne Lattimore’s heart in tow.She soon married someone else and had a child, but their marriage didn’t last. It has something to do with Anne’s beautiful daughter, Janie…After all, Carson has learned the hard way what vulnerability can cost.When Serena and her child become targets of a mysterious assailant, Carson’s protective urges take over. Now with infant Heather and Toni in the cartel’s lethal sights, Toni’s fragile trust in Dugan is their only shot to get Cavanaugh justice! Everett Fortunado is sitting on the biggest secret to hit Texas—but nothing’s more shocking than finding Lila Clark working for the Fortunes.

He doesn’t count on his sting operation falling apart—or being forced to escape with the breathtaking key witness he’s sworn to protect. Amish seamstress Hannah Troyer’s more than a little out of her element.

Recently divorced and fleeing her abusive ex-husband, Amy needs a safe place to hide and someone she can trust. Her fussy six-month-old son needs sanctuary, too…and Connor is determined to protect them both.

It’s not his family, but it’s the family—and the woman—he’s always wanted. But when he stops pediatric oncology nurse Miranda Steele, little does he know that she’s about to zoom straight into his heart.

So she knows the handsome policeman represents an opportunity: he needs to visit her sick kids at the hospital.

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But Miranda quickly realizes the closed-off Colin is in need of her help just as much as any of those she volunteers for.Also includes: COLTON DESTINY by Justine Davis COLTON’S RANCH REFUGE by Beth Cornelison COLTON’S DEEP COVER by Elle Kennedy Senator Joe Kelley’s secrets have finally come to light and his family is rallying around him to help.But they’re about to find much more than sordid family skeletons: danger—and love—are on the horizon!In the process, Jackson and Brianna must trust each other with their lives and secrets as they become closer than they ever imagined. Because this time around, he knows the meaning of family. Recipe for love: two reluctant souls and a dash of matchmaking! Mikki Mc Kenna’s dedicated her entire life to her patients. The devoted doctor’s vowed never to repeat her parents’ mistakes, and that means never falling in love.