Sexual abstinence dating

31-Jan-2017 15:11

The more you know the more prepared you are to handle whatever situations arise.

Understanding sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections (STI) and how they are spread is the only way that one is going to be adequately prepared to prevent them.

Because sex can involve such intensely gratify and euphoric emotions, the opposite is also true, sex can result in some very powerful feelings of anger, depression, and loneliness.

When you think about how many boyfriends/girlfriends a teen goes through in high school, and all the heartache that is associated with these relationships without adding sex into the mix, you can just imagine how much more devastating these relationships can be when they involve sex. Whatever your choices are in regard to sexual activity, make sure you learn about sex.

Over 50 percent of teens chose to be abstinent, and abstinence is becoming more popular.

73 percent of teens say they do not think it is embarrassing for a teen to be a virgin, and 58 percent say teens should not have sex, regardless of what precautions they take.

Teens who choose abstinence must be careful to stick to their resolve, because many who fail to remain abstinent are unprepared to have safe teen sex.

Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.67 percent of teens who have sex say they wish they had abstained until they were older.For some teens, remaining abstinent can be challenging.Only complete and consistent abstinence can totally prevent pregnancy and protect against STDs.

Because a person does not have any type of intimate sexual contact when he or she practices complete and consistent abstinence, there is no risk of passing on a sexually transmitted infection. But peer pressure and things you see on TV and in the movies can make the decision to practice abstinence more difficult.

Choosing teen abstinence is a guaranteed way to avoid them, but at some point you will be ready to participate in sexual activities and will want to be sure that at when that time comes you are prepared for it and know how to protect yourself.