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29-Apr-2017 22:26

However, even if a love-shy woman does experience interests from men because of her quiet deposition, she risks attracting the type of partner with a dominant, aggressive, or even narcissistic personality.

, who teaches the Psychology of Shyness: “[Shy] Men just wouldn’t have dates or relationships.

You’re not going to become a confident dater overnight, especially if you’re still kind of new to dating. Don’t lie about who you are or what you do, just fake the confidence you wish you had.

Think about the cool, sexy, confidence of the friend you envy for always getting the guy and mimic that.

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As I mentioned in a previous blog post about shyness and introversion, I was an extremely shy child and teenager.

However, most of the individuals I spoke to also mentioned that low self-esteem is a negative characteristic in a romantic partner.