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29-Jun-2017 21:00

Some hospitals have tried forcing the issue through requiring attendance at all ­meetings, and making in-services and workshops mandatory. As Henry Ford said, "Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." Consider the physicians' concerns One of the most effective strategies for successful physician engagement may also be one of the simplest: Take a step back and listen to what physicians are saying.

This helps build trust, which is the foundation for any productive partnership.

In the quest to meet Joint Commission standards, it is very helpful to have a highly engaged medical staff.

While usually not employed by the ­hospital, the medical staff is key to the hospital's success in meeting many of the Joint Commission standards.

Avoid focusing your first conversation with a physician on what he or she can do for you.

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Newton Medical Center in Covington, Ga., created a strategy to keep all preprinted order sets in a software program accessible throughout the hospital.It is important for documentation and medical ­records compliance to be part of physicians' ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE).If a physician has a track record of stellar compliance with documentation standards on OPPE, he or she could easily become your physician champion for changing processes to meet a particular standard.These early conversations with physicians can also provide insight into the quality of communication within an organization, and whether the goals of physicians and hospital administration are aligned or contentious.

Signature Guidelines for Home Health & Hospice Medical Review For situations where the guidelines indicate “Contact Provider” in the following table, the claim will… continue reading »

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The second issue, the signing, dating and timing of verbal orders within 24 hours, is a mystery to me. Not only has the order already been dated and time and signed by the nurse, and verified by read back, but CMS compliance guidelines require physician documentation to counter sign, redate and retime the order within 24 hours. I can… continue reading »

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Medicare Signature Requirements. The purpose of a rendering/treating/ordering practitioner’s signature in patients’ medical records, operative reports, orders, test findings, etc. is to demonstrate the services have been accurately and fully documented, reviewed and authenticated.… continue reading »

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Is responsible for signing, dating and timing the orders and verifying that the correct surgical/invasive procedure has been indicated for telephone orders. B. Do not use “rule out,” “suspect,” “probable” or “questionable.” These are not valid… continue reading »

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