Starview the box keeps updating itunes song play count not updating

29-May-2017 12:40

starview the box keeps updating-30

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If any items are placed on or near a cable box, it is possible for the unit to overheat and switch off.

To prevent overheating, place a cable box in an open, dry space free from debris and clutter.

If a box restarts after displaying choppy, pixelated or disjointed images, this is a likely cause.

Customers should call their cable company if this occurs frequently.

By pushing updates to customers over cable lines, companies can provide new services without requiring user interaction.As with the classroom desktop computers, your laptop will automatically adjust its screen resolution settings when it is connected to a projector.If the items on your screen appear too big, or too small, you can manually adjust your resolution to a more suitable setting; just keep in mind that any given projector will not work with every display resolution option that your laptop offers.By keeping the cable box in an open area, the internal temperature will remain cool and constant, preventing unexpected rebooting from overheating.

Every morning since Tuesday morning when I received the original 1.9.5 update, all my HD set-top boxes and DVR continue to update themselves. I did a reset of all the boxes yesterday and it the update occurred again this morning. When the TV turns on but the box is in standby there's no audio, ---- and I don't wake up! I happened to be awake and reading am e-book this morning at am and noticed the clock display brighten, switch to all 8's, shut off, and then reboot.

Under "Appearance and Personalization" in the Control Panel, select "Adjust screen resolution," and pick a setting that works for you.

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