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Last time we checked, she was only weeks into her breakup from Harris, and now she's making out in public with a new flame.If taught us anything, it's that nobody should move at a glacial pace, but jumping brashly into a new romance while the media is still covering your last breakup is a tell-tale sign that you're dating recklessly.For example, Swifties say "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" was probably written about Gyllenhaal and "Style" was supposedly all about Styles.Swift has written about so many exes that every time she breaks up with one, the joke becomes, "Well, we look forward to hearing the song she writes about him." (We're looking at you, Harris.) With that said, why would any guy in their right mind want to put themselves at risk of landing in one of Swift's breakup hits?In which case, it's no wonder Swift has kissed so many frogs.Swift's relationships tend to be as brief as they are high-profile.

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Arguably the craziest part of her newfound relationship with Hiddleston is how quickly it happened.

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The problem with Swift is that her taste appears to be all over the place. Swift has tried on a lot of suitors, to the point where she's giving off the impression that she has no idea what she actually wants in a man.

Yes, that's normal for any 26-year-old, but when you jump from a scrappy DJ to a highfalutin thespian within weeks, you're telling the world you'll court just about anyone until you find your Prince Charming.Why can't the songstress make love work, despite writing about it so many times?Well, like all of her relationships, it's a little complicated. If we were as rich and beautiful and famous and Swift, you'd best believe we'd be doing the exact same thing.If your romances can't seem to make it past the three-month mark, nobody's going to take your love life seriously.