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11-Feb-2017 22:26

He was given a screwdriver and an ageing portion of cement in a plastic bag to do the job.

Needless to say the tiles are already wobbling and will no doubt be cracked by next month.

Okay, these occurrences are fairly rare, but be careful who you do business with.

In Bangkok, for a little under £300 per month, you can rent a 1-bedroom condo with a balcony just a few metro stops from the centre of town.

There is also another huge risk to buying before completion.

There have been numerous cases where the project has fallen though, the creditors have refused to lend money for a third stage of building, or quite simply an unscrupulous businessman has done a runner with the money.

There is a way to turn a profit in the Thai apartment market, and that is to buy early.

Some developers are desperate to secure sales in the early stages to help pay off creditors and secure further funding for the next stage of building, it also boosts popularity around the project.

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Problem is, to get in this game you need capital and to know the right people, as I speak about in this post.

You will need to buy in hotspot areas, too, and those condo’s don’t come cheaply.