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23-Apr-2017 03:59

The Kvu is used to decrypt the encrypted title keys, and that is used to decrypt the encrypted content.

AACS (Advanced Access Content System) is applied to protect Blu-ray contents.

When the main DB is updated I should be able to at least check for missing ones from the Find VUK since they include names but I'm not going to check the big first upload which will all be noname.

@shadowofdarkness: because of your fear that eventually not all local keys are correctly uploaded to the central key database I've created a small tool to compare a private keyfile with the main keyfile: Update 20170105: new Link to tool Key DBcompare-002 Simply copy all your private keyfiles in one file and next drag it onto the and it will compare your local file with the main keyfile and tell you if all your keys are included or not (and also if they are included, but with a different title) @Starbuck2010: With my small comparison tool I noticed the same that candela already posted: although there are 'nice' title values in the local database they aren't used for the central database - so there are a lot of entries where my comparison tool tells me something like this: I'm with candela that it would be a good idea to replace the _NONAME_ title entries with the more meaningful title-values from Find VUK and I think it would also make sense to replace the current comment with the Find VUK value in such a case.

For enhanced security, the AACS Key in Win DVD will require regular updating.

Updating your Win DVD AACS Key is quick and easy, and allows you to continue enjoying your Blu-ray Disc movies.

Essentially, a set of keys are arranged in a tree such that any given key can be used to find every other key except its parent keys.

This way, to revoke a given device key, the MKB needs only be encrypted with that device key's parent key.

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The reason for this error may be a conflict with your older BD drive and your newest operating system.Please check manufacturer’s website to get software update before updating the AACS key.software updating to do now that Corel has introduced a patch to their cracked Inter Video Win DVD software. According to Corel, "failure to apply the update will result in AACS-protected HD DVD and BD playback being disabled." That means no more hi-def movies for you, Mr. Thing is, this is no ordinary patch since Win DVD exposed the hardware specific device key to video pirates.And just think, you can repeat the whole process again after hackers circumvent this latest attempt at "content protection." Isn't DRM nice?