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09-Mar-2017 07:19

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line , # and remove "test" from the below function definition.def testapplication(environ, start_response): status = '200 OK' output = 'Hello World!Note: Ideally the home directory is located where redmine is going to be installed - for production systems this should be on a separate partition. Like a hero that doesn't show up until the third reel of a movie, redmine is finally on the scene. There is a lot of build up to the main event, and when you get there it is anticlimactic.If versions are different or new features are needed, some iteration may be needed to build and install the gems.

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Once you have set the domain to use Passenger, create a file called , although this may change), you cannot directly select which Python interpreter is used to run your application.

We will patch it ourselves, because the bugs haven't been actually fixed in the Ubuntu release. Unfortunately, the most convenient using apt-get will leave the system many versions behind, which means many plugins for redmine, and parts of redmine itself, will be unsupported.

Phusion Passenger Installation Again, m any options exist for application containers. Updating system. Installing required packages libgmp-dev.… continue reading »

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