Updating psp through ps3

26-May-2017 02:28

One thing I would suggest is making sure you don't have MAC address filtering on.

If you do have it on, turn it off and try to reconnect.

Do you have the latest official firmware for your PSP? If you have done both of the above and are still having problems you might want to post more specific information about your set-up so people can try to help you out. Here is my setup: - Linksys WRT54G router using WPA2 encryption (AES I believe) - I should have the newest firmware as I upgraded it within the past couple of months...

- PSP with OFFICIAL 5.00 firmware using WPA (AES) encryption Basically, it appears that they might connect, but it always times out. I'm using the same brand and model of router so there is hope. Do things one step at a time - 1) Go into your router settings and turn off security - Choose ' Disabled' from the drop down list under the Wireless -- Wireless Security setting (you're just doing this briefly so it should not compromise your network.) Then see if you can connect the PSP. If you are not successful here we need to investigate other settings in your router.

I've been trying again today after dusting off my PSP-2000 that has been unused for about a year.

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If other wireless devices are able to connect there shouldn't be any problem with your psp I just came back to this page (I know it's an old discussion) because my PSP insisted that I had to update "date/time from Internet" to awallow my PS games to work.

I have found that when I try to connect to my network with non-computer appliances it often takes several attempts because I have a long and complex shared key - getting it right can take patience and time on devices that do not have a keyboard.