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https://dekhnstan.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/a-disaster-50-years-in-the-making/ Log in to Reply she definitely does not look pure african, she looks quite significantly white, i suggest her ethnicity be changed to just cuban (even though cuban isn’t an actual ethnicity) or the entry should just be deleted from the site Log in to Reply You’ve not gone nearly far enough, J. I think ethnicelebs should also issue a public press release to apologize, and perhaps offer rebates to those members of the public who were particularly upset. People box black Africans into one look and its untrue. Purebred Negroids don’t have Caucasoid traits, obviously this girl (whom I have no idea is by the way) shows discernible Caucasoid admixture and looks more admixed than the average African-American, who is usually 20-25% European. Yemen was once a part of the empire Abyssinia but there have always been very diverse tribes in Ethiopia. Log in to Reply @JJ there are many many East Africans that look like Christina. They have Caucasoid physiognomy traits for a valid reason. Cause they’re mixed with Semitic Caucasoids, as corroborated by genetic studies.That’s what you have to say when its obvious that you’ve lost the argument. Get some black history and hang out with some black people, its obvious that you are waaaay out of touch. I remember when he thought I liked listening to rap and wearing Jordans and Nike’s. Heffa sit down, you’re making yourself sound like complete moron. Caucasoid, Africoid ( includes Australoid, Capoid, negritos) and [email protected], where I come from, there is 100 times more race admixtures than in America. At the end of the day , if you look any trace of black that’s how you will be treated all over the world, so its not point wasting time arguing about percentages. @WTF It’s obvious that you’d encountered a problem with ‘black’ people. I would never mistake Christina for black, so stfu bitch. So yes out of all three she would most resemble BLACK Africans.She says her Cuban father is dame near as black as the ace of spades(so she says he’s black). Cuba is a country composed of three main ethnic groups (Spanish, African and indigenous). YE171qky9weo1_1280Log in to Reply lol dumb bitch, you know what an Indian looks like right? Just bc someone doesn’t look the way you want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t that ethnicity. Being proud and being insecure are two different things. :) Oh, and I’ve been reading your comments on other people ethnic pages for years now and you should be happy I took the time to reply, right? @WTF Right you go why don’t you stop bullying people why can’t leave people alone if you can’t say anything nice don’t say nothing at all i want you this leave website please and never comeback your not welcome here. Older scientists incorrectly labeled horn Africans as caucasoids in the past just to alleniate Africans and promote racism.

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Aboriginals (generally) do not identify as “black”, as it would not make sense phenotypically or genetically.

Btw, yes Christina Milan has some Spanish ancestry (as do I) but identify as AA and Afro Cuban.

To be “BLACK” isn’t about color of skin but culture, language and shared stories of perseverance.

Log in to Reply Lol, when she says “East African” she just means Horn Africans (Ethiopians and Somalians) who are generally Caucasoid in morphology themselves due to significant Semitic admixture.

No, genetically they are not as “black” as African-Americans, even if some do look black, structurally they are different as well as in terms of genome.Nowhere in Sub-Saharan Africa do people exhibit Caucasoid traits (so it’s not a case of an odd convergent evolutionary trait) without Caucasoid admixture.Horn Africans (lots of them) are morphologically Caucasoid due to Semitic Caucasoid admixture.Her father isn’t black, he has definitely African dna like most Latinos but what do you call Afro-Cuban ? @Check 7t, again you need to do your research Horn Africans are NOT Caucasoid in morphology, HORN Africans are the oldest people on earth and they looked like they do way before “caucasoids were inhabiting he earth.

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