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29-Jan-2017 04:41

The result is an emotional album where Lita recounts the truth behind her supposed perfect life on the island.

The music on Living Like a Runaway is 100% classic Lita Ford. With this album, Lita is ready to reclaim her title as the Queen of Metal, and the songs are good enough to pave the way to her throne.

Our mother alleges that our father brainwashed us against her. She also threatened us and said she would have our dad thrown in jail for the same reasons.

I could tell you horror stories for days but that wouldn’t accomplish anything. She needs to stop lying and she needs to leave us alone.

” The song is a very cocky song and has an “F You” attitude. However, you were hanging out with Gary Hoey, who is one of the best. Was it intimidating playing with someone of his caliber?

Lita: We all make mistakes, no matter who you are, and that is how you learn.

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In the time since the incident, Ford launched the Parental Alientation Awareness Facebook page, and a few years back, she recorded a song for her two children letting them know that she will always be there for them: Earlier today, Ford posted a slew of messages on the Facebook page saying her children were being brainwashed by her ex-husband, and she threatened to file a nationwide amber alert: All of this has led to the eldest of her two sons, James, issuing his own statement to Metal Sludge accusing his mother of abuse and saying he never wants to see her again: My Dad always taught me, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it”. Thankfully we never have to see our mother again and we have the legal paperwork to prove it.

Lita: We didn’t want to make a cover tune the single.

Although the song is not written by Lita Ford, we own this version.

Her attempts at parental alienation were constant and never ending.

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When we didn’t agree with her she would become livid and out of control.

We made him promise to do everything he could so we never had to see our mother again. Our mother said horrible things about our dad all the time. She called us “fucking faggots” because we used to sit with our dad and watch movies.